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Depending on funding and product donations, we are able to give away much-appreciated educational
toys, children's  clothing, and safety equipment to programs, agencies, and organizations that serve
low-income children and families.

We partner with other groups to make sure that everything gets to the intended audience - and we
make sure that our corporate donors get well-deserved credit in the media.

Here are several examples of our Giveaways -

Soho Donates Safety Equipment and Toys to Child Care Providers

Along with providing free training sessions to child care providers from 41 counties, the Soho Center gives
hundreds of child care providers a range of free safety equipment as well as quality toys and learning materials.

Soho Donates Clothing to Head Start

Winter's coming - and the Soho Center is giving  Orange County's Head Start children winter garments - sweaters, winter jackets, vests, wind-breakers, hats, and gloves. Head Start staff Keisha Gourdine (left) and Debbie Powell (center) accept clothing from Soho Center's Director, Jeanna Beker (right).  Says Jane Grey, Head Start Child Health Supervisor, "I thank Soho for their generosity. This donation of winter apparel will help our families tremendously."  Adds Jeanna Beker, "The Soho Center is glad to spread some season's cheer and help lots of Orange County kids enjoy winter that much more."

Bunnies and Books for Easter to Page County, Madison County,
and Greene County Head Start Programs

For many young children, Easter includes Easter egg hunts and candy. Now, thanks to a gift from the Soho Center to Page,
Greene, and Madison Counties' Head Start children, it also includes wonderful children's bunny books and stuffed bunnies.
Says Jeanna Beker, "The Soho Center has selected quality stuffed animals and picture books for pre-schoolers and
beginning readers that feature bunnies - classics like 'Peter Rabbit' and the 'Velveteen Rabbit' as well as newer titles
that teach colors, numbers, and telling time.  We love to make reading enjoyable for children, and each of these books
can be read at Easter and then enjoyed year-round - with their bunny companions." 
Adds Ashley Adams, "We're
grateful to the Soho Center for their generous donation of books and bunnies to Skyline CAP Head Start.  Our kids
ill love them - and the teachers will put them to great use in the classrooms for many years to come!" 

Soho Donates Clothing to MESA

Norris John, Executive Director of the Madison Emergency Services Agency (MESA), accepts a gift of quality children's
clothing from Jeanna Beker, Director of the Soho Center - including summer shirts, pants, shorts, and dresses for pre-schoolers
and older children.

Jeanna Beker, Soho Center's Director, explained, "For years, we have given away thousands of wonderful kids'
garments to family child care providers and to Head Start programs across the state.  This time, we decided to
donate children's clothes to help families at MESA's Barbara's House and to support Connie's Thrift Shop whose
sales help MESA's work here in Madison."

According to Norris John, MESA's Executive Director, "We rely on community support to help families in need.
We're fortunate that so many people and groups, including the Soho Center, generously donate to MESA."

Soho Donates Shoes, Clothing, and Supplies for School Children

Robert Lingo, Director of the Orange County Department of Social Services accepts a gift of children's clothing, books, and parent-directed educational materials from Jeanna Beker, Director of the Soho Center.

"Thanks to the Soho Center, our staff will be able to give children who are starting school for the first time and
children returning to elementary school new books, new shoes, and a collection of really nice school clothes,"
says Robert Lingo, Director of the Orange County DSS.  Adds Jeanna Beker, Director of the Soho Center, "For many
years, the Soho Center has found a variety of ways to help children and families.  We're glad to make this gift to
Orange County to promote children's literacy, help with other needs like clothing, and give parents educational
materials to help their children succeed in school."

The Orange County DSS has several programs which help low income families, including VIEW (The Virginia Initiative
for Employment not Welfare), TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), and Food Stamps.

According to Robert Lingo, "It's pretty clear that if we can't get kids and families on the right track early on, it gets
more and more difficult for them to succeed in school and beyond.  The Soho Center's gifts will be a great help in
that direction.  We plan to distribute the clothing to our clients in these programs and to Moms and Dads taking
our parenting classes. We will also partner with Healthy Families of Orange, with Orange County schools, and
with others in our community who work with our parents and children to make sure everything gets to where it
will do the most good."

Corporate and Foundation Support
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Toy, Clothing, and Safety Giveaways
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