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If your corporation, university, or community organization is exploring starting a child care center, wants to improve your existing child care program or child care network, or seeks to assess the quality of your existing program; the Soho Center is available to consult with you, on a confidential basis if you wish. 

Topics can include facilities (size, design, layout, and educational materials in each classroom),  staffing (hiring, training, and evaluating administrative, teaching, and support staff) , curriculum development (infants through school age), communications to parents and the public, and fee structures and policies to ensure viability and quality.

By way of  background, Jeanna Beker, the Soho Center's Founder and Director, has started quality early childhood programs and child care centers in multiple locations in New York City (which Parents magazine honored as a "model family and community center"), established the United National Child Care Centre for the children of UN diplomats and employees, and started a model early childhood program in rural Virginia. 

In addition, Ms. Beker has worked with four universities to support teacher training and helped improve the quality of care offered to thousands of young children.  She has offered consultation services to a variety of corporate and agency clients, including the Child Welfare League in Washington, D.C.,  the Toy Manufacturers Association of America,  and Head Start to improve the quality of care and education available to children.

To discuss your needs, please e-mail us or call the Soho Center's Director
directly at 540-923-5012



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