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S O H O   C E N T E R ' S   N E W E S T   B O O K   G I V E A W A Y S

This year, Soho is giving 150,000 Quality Children's Books
to Head Start, UVa Children's Hospital, and Other Child-related Programs
To see a 32-second video of the first shipment of the 150,000 books
arriving at Soho's warehouse, please Click Here

The Soho Center believes in the importance of literacy.  We want infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers, and school-age children to have the chance to enjoy looking at quality children's books, hearing them read aloud, and practicing their emerging reading skills.  Our plan is to give away 150,000 quality children's books in 2014.
Recently, Jeanna Beker, gave a PowerPoint presentation on
Soho's history, current efforts, and upcoming programs.  To see a
short video version
of her presentation, please Click Here

For more details on Soho's Book Giveaways, please click the buttons below.

30,000 Books to Head Start Last Year - 30,000 More in 2014!

Last year, the Soho Center gave 30,000 quality, hardcover children's books to every one of the 1,000 Head Start classrooms across Virginia. And Soho has just given another 30,000 books to Head Start.  (Please click button to see how we did it and what children and teachers have written about the books they got)

10,000 Books for Sick Kids at UVa Children's Hospital

Last year, Soho gave away 10,000 quality, hardcover children's books to sick children going to UVa Children's Hospital.  (Please click button for details and photos)

60,000 More Books for UVa Children's Hospital
Soho is expanding our Book Giveaway with an additional 60,000 quality children's books to UVa Children's Hospital.  (Please Click button for details)

Friend of Head Start
Soho's Director, Jeanna Beker, receives "Friend Of Head Start Award" at the Head Start Association's annual conference. (Please click button for details and photos)

Supporting UVa Children's Hospital Education Program
Soho is helping to expand the in-house library used to teach young patients and their siblings. (Please click button for details and photo)

Regional Church Libraries
And Soho is helping to create libraries of quality children's books in area churches to encourage children's literacy, school readiness, and school success. (Please click button for details and photos)

10,000 Books for Culpeper Regional Hospital
Soho is giving Culpeper Regional Hospital 10,000 quality children's books for children in their birthing center, pediatrics practices, Wellness Facility, and ER. (Please Click button for details)

IN PROGRESS - 10,000 Books for State-wide Education Conferences
Soho is providing 10,000 quality children's books to early childhood educators
and child care providers attending annual professional development conferences.
Details and Photos Coming Soon!

IN PROGRESS - Books for Boys & Girls Clubs
Soho is planning to give thousands of age-appropriate quality children's books to
Boys & Girls Clubs across the state - including Clubs on 8 military installations.
Details and Photos Coming Soon!

IN PROGRESS - Books for Title I Public Schools
Soho is planning to give 50,000 quality children's books to Title I kindergarten and
first grade classrooms to promote children's literacy and support emerging reading skills.
Details and Photos Coming Soon!


Soho Center was selected as one of America's 125 top-rated
"Children and Families Nonprofits"



With your support, the Soho Center is ready to expand this state-wide Book Giveaway to include
Title I public school kindergarten and first grade classrooms,
additional hospitals, public libraries,
Boys & Girls Clubs, and other child-related programs for low-income kids

For information about helping the Soho Center give away more quality children's books (including unique
zero-cost donation options for Virginia businesses and individuals), please Click Here.

Soho is also now a part of the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC).
For more information on how to donate through the CVC, please Click Here

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